It is estimated that chronic pain affects roughly 90 million people across the U.S. The Cleveland Clinic defines chronic pain as pain that lasts or recurs for more than three months. Many chronic pain sufferers have already tried exercise, physical therapy, surgery, and medication management with limited success. Pohlman Pain Associates is now utilizing an advanced technology that is advancing the way spinal cord stimulation is used to treat pain. This system is based on microelectronics that provide excellent relief but require the smallest implant available. It is no bigger than the tip of your pinky finger.

We have successfully treated a number of local chronic pain patients utilizing the Nalu Spinal Cord stimulation system who would be willing to share their stories to help educate other chronic pain sufferers. This is a game changing technology for pain sufferers in our service area.

We hope you will consider helping us educate the community about chronic pain and this advanced treatment now available at Pohlman Pain Associates.