If you incur an injury at work or get sick because of your job, workers’ compensation can cover the shortfall in your income while you recover. Double board-certified pain and rehabilitation specialist Dane Pohlman, DO, of Pohlman Pain Associates in Coral Springs and Delray Beach, Florida, is an authorized workers’ comp physician. Dr. Pohlman and his expert team can help you heal and get back to work feeling strong and well. Call Pohlman Pain Associates today for more information or book a consultation using the online form.

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What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation — typically referred to as workers’ comp — is a special form of insurance that pays out if you suffer an injury at work or get sick because of your job. Your employer pays into a central fund that covers workers’ comp claims, so it doesn’t cost you anything. Every US state has its own workers’ compensation board that oversees the scheme. They administer claims and payments and resolve any disagreements.

Am I eligible for workers’ compensation?

All employees are eligible for workers’ comp payments. The scheme doesn’t place blame, so regardless of whose fault it is that you’re sick or injured, it pays out.

The aim of workers’ compensation is to provide financial support during times when you’re unable to work or if you have chronic health problems because of your job.

The only occasions when you forfeit your right to workers’ comp are if you were intoxicated (taking drugs or alcohol) at the time of the injury or you deliberately caused harm to yourself or someone else.

What role does my health care provider play in a workers’ compensation claim?

If you get sick or injure yourself at work, you must inform your manager so they can record the incident. Then you need to find a physician, like Dr. Pohlman, who has authorization from Florida’s Division of Workers’ Compensation to treat patients.

At your consultation, Dr. Pohlman conducts a comprehensive physical exam and assesses your condition. He reports his findings to the workers’ comp board, including his recommendations for your treatment.

Dr. Pohlman and his team have considerable experience in dealing with insurance providers to get clearance for diagnostic tests or other procedures, and they frequently testify in court for patients whose workers’ compensation claims are in dispute.

If I’m receiving workers’ comp, do I have any responsibilities?

Once you start receiving your workers’ comp payouts, your primary responsibility is to work hard on your recovery program so you can return to your job as soon as possible and in good health.

Dr. Pohlman designs an individualized program of rehabilitation for you, which could include treatments such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Massage therapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Joint injections
  • Work hardening programs

If you need expert medical care during a workers’ comp claim, call Pohlman Pain Associates today or book an appointment online.